Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FA News: Workers Seek Roth IRA Option
FA News: Secrecy Order May Go To Far

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FA News: Slowdown In Advisor Movement Continues, Could Last

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting ready to watch 2012 at home

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Celebrating Miracle on 31st. It's unbelivable.....Rodeo grounds

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FA News: Auction-Rate Market Perks Up

Monday, December 21, 2009

FA News: LPL Advisor And War Veteran Sues Former Employer
FA News: Finra Suspends Exec In Private Placement Case
FA News: Financial Planning Pioneer Don Pitti Dies

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The movie Avatar is very entertaining. Make sure not to drink any soda, it's a bit long. Adan, my little loved it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

FA News: Wayward Advisor: Tales of Rape, Kidnapping And Fraud

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Off until 2010. Happy Holidays everyone.

Monday, December 14, 2009
Finishing the year strong and revising our business plan for 2010.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Register for our upcoming Financial workshops for Women in January.
FA News: UBS Offers Retention Plan To Keep Brokers

Thursday, December 10, 2009

FA News: Weak Job Market Leading To More Early Retirements

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FA News: Charities Cope With Tough Times
FA News: Study: RIA Merger Activity Poised To Rebound

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miracle on Tucson 31st Street this year. we need your help
FA News: T. Rowe Price To Introduce Active ETFs
FA News: Citi Soon Moving Advisors To Fee Model

Monday, December 7, 2009

FA News: Extending Fiduciary Standards Is No Panacea

Friday, December 4, 2009

Attending TYP at 8 pm Tucson Museum of art
FA News: Affluent Households More Optimistic
FA News: Fuzzy Focus

Thursday, December 3, 2009

FA News: Despite Lawsuit And Dilution Fears, Focus Rolls On
FA News: Fees Drop On 529 Plans

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Attending the chocolate country event at the hotel arizona
FA News: Even After Crash, Many Seek Yield On Cash

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We had a great social entrepreneur gathering check for the next class.
Attending Jackson's luncheon about Roth conversion in 2010 along other financial planners at McManon's Steak house
FA News: Investing Behavior Comes From Genes, Study Says
Attending @michael tucker socialpreneur leadership course graduation. Recommend it for visionary biz ldrs.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello everyone, please make a note of our new address: Barca Financial has moved to 4420 E. Speedway Blvd. a block west of our previous location. Come and visit.
FA News: Three Directors Named To CFP Board
On Mondays perform the tasks you least enjoy. So you donot procrastinate
FA News: ETF Mimics Hedge Fund Strategies

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday, it should be renamed Red Friday. Because it will put you in the red if you are not careful. Save, Save, the economy is not back yet.
Just a few hours before Black Friday, this is what you do: 1. research the item you would like to buy. 2. restraint from buying nice to have items. 3. Buy gift cards from local vendors. 4. Use credit cards that give your something back
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, We are still here and have our health, love and a job...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FA News: V-Shaped Recovery...Well, Maybe

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FA News: As Market Picks Up, So Have ETF Launches

Monday, November 23, 2009

FA News: Morningstar Nominates Fund Managers Of Decade
FA News: Regulators Looking At Broker Pay, Product Sales

Saturday, November 21, 2009

FA News: Awareness Fuels Interest In Independence
Financial Synergy: Flash Client Alert: First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit - November 19, 2009
FA News: Awareness Fuels Interest In Independence December is Financial planning month Check 2010 Financial Workshops for Women.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Barca Financial Group is starting another periodization schedule

Monday, October 19, 2009

Business Solutions: Key Person Protection

During stressed markets there is a shift on employee retention and recruiting. Many companies are experiencing a great shift of new employees and trying to keep essential personnel to continue profitability. One issue is the Key employee retention or recruiting. A strategy called "Executive Bonus Plan"; the main question business owners should ask what would happen if a key person is no longer there to help drive your business, unfortunately many business owners don't consider the risks of losing a key person until it is too late.
This program can provide your business with the funds needed to help you withstand the financial shock and help sustain your business. By offering an enhanced retirement benefit for your key employees. These are some questions that may help you determine a key person:
  1. Multiple of Salary
  2. Loss of Value to the business
  3. Cost to replace the key person's sales profits and training
  4. Cost to replace the key person's contributions to Income

Case Study

Company X was a successful manufacturing firm. It had a long-term track record, loyal clients and widely regarded products. Company X was dependent on a key sales representative, Paul, who worked at the company for nearly 10 years and had a successful record. Paul passed away prematurely, he had recently signed on one of the company's largest accounts, Paul also worked with two additional accounts that brought in 15 percent of the company's revenue. Luckily Company X held a $1 million Key person policy on Paul's life. this policy provided Company X with the funds needed at a critical time, helping tide over and expand the business.

Cost of replacement

$125,000 was used to recruit, offer a sign-on bonus and relocate a new rep.

$50,000 was allocated to special training and marketing to help the new rep get up to speed more quickly than the average new recruit

Line of Credit

$200,000 was posted as collateral to help keep a creditor from raising the interest on a credit line

Retention Device

$250,000 was paid to Paul's widow. If Paul had survived to retirement, the policy values could have been used to fund a non-qualified retirement benefit to supplement the gap left after market crashes and during recession values.

Financial Planning is critical to prevent unforeseeable losses; preparation is essential to a healthy organization and without a proper device, a company can be lost in a blink of an eye.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Telephone Excise Tax Refund

Still time to get money back,

Telephone Excise Tax Refund (TETR) not claimed by most eligible companies
During a recession, it is advisable to review the old business plan, streamline expenses and take a second look at your business’s biggest liability: TAXES.
As many as 15.9 million businesses could be eligible to claim refunds under the TETR program. The government has earmarked $11 billion for it but only 5.6% of eligible businesses have requested a refund. To help determine why so few businesses filed for TETR, the Treasury Department surveyed business tax return professionals. The survey revealed 35% of the preparers surveyed stated that their clients did not qualify for the TETR. 44% believed the amount of work and associated fees to compute the refund was not worth the refund. 20% either forgot to claim TETR for their clients or were unaware of the refund program.
TETRs could recoup much needed funds for companies feeling the pinch of the current economy. The deadline for the TETR program is April 15, 2010. Claims may be based on a formula or by performing a telephone bill audit. Some professional telecommunications auditing companies offer free audits, charging a percentage of refunds. Ask potential auditing firms, does your company:
offer local or long distance services? Steer clear unless you’re interested in changing carriers.
have expertise in auditing telecom bills specifically?
charge a fee for the audit if there is no refund due?
have ability to perform the audit and submit a report in time to meet the April deadline?
have references from telecom audit clients?
Knowledge is power as long as you do something with it.
Contact us to learn how to claim your excise credit.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sign of the Times "Blackberry Etiquette"

Remember in college when you spent good dollars to get a good education and every day during class, there was always the forgetful student(s) who forgot to turn their cell phone(s) off. It was a distraction, the teachers would lose their pace and tried to regroup. Sometimes the ring would make everyone laugh. This etiquette or lack of is experienced in the business world with our new technologies. The next time you go out keep this in mind. Situation: business meeting, or board meeting, or just hanging out with friends and see what happens when a phone rings. In a business setting, there are several options and indicators to look for; If you are making a sales call with a prospective client you can get a wealth of feedback during the meeting, chances are the phone will go off, either yours or theirs. Observe what happens if their phone rings, and also think what do you do when your phone rings. Most often people forget to turn their phones off, including you. Most often people just say excuse me and take the call. Wow, I usually try to end the meeting quickly and excuse myself; why?, because this person does not fit the criteria of a good client; yes that is harsh, but believe me it will save you lots of time later on. Have you ever had a client, friend or colleague that you always want it to fired. Yes, everyone has one or two of them. If, in a blink of an eye you say, this persons values a phone call more that concentrating on the business at hand, then most likely this will be a person you will want to fire eventually. Save yourself a lot of grief and just do it then. If you get that gut feeling, just do it. Now, let's say your phone went off, what do you do? do you think they will hire you or do business with you, if you excuse yourself and take a call? this sends a message that the caller is more important than they are. Now with blackberries you get to take a look when someone calls, texts or leaves a message. I always have mine on the vibrating mode. I tend to ignore it until the meeting is over; sometimes they ask you? aren't you going to answer that? I respond, not now, you are more important to me at the present time. Additionally to increase effectiveness, get to the important calls right away after the meeting and leave less critical messages for later. My favorite is the meetings when you see the praying mode, yes the one that you see people on a praying posture, usually texting someone back. Wow that is also a no no. With technologies comes a new way of doing business. Go to your favorite Starbucks and observe, it is rewarding.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 tips for optimizing your FB footprint

In the new Social media arena, the very low inexpensive way to market yourself or business is FB (Facebook) more than 200 million people worldwide provides a very large audience. Below are the 5 options or tips to maximize your footprint to create leads from a B2C prospective. Advertising budgets are being impact by the current economy. So here they are:

1. Provide a strong presence, remember 99% of small businesses have a website, so if you do not have one, get one. Create a facebook page so you can be found though friend's profiles, searches, the main key here is grow your fan base "virally". Ensure you keep your SEO in the mix.

2. Spend some budget money on advertising, it is very affordable to promote events or meetings. You can segregate markets from demographics, industries by placing two types of ads, that work like banners, with cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand (CPM) I personally prefer the CPC that enables you to select how much you want to spend per click. Usually from .25 to over $1 per click.

3. Create your customize application, so you can send your ads to a specific location. this will enable you to engage your target audience.

4. Syndicate your message or content, i.e. blogging, Notes etc.

5. Provide an event that your audience can engage, for example: webinars, conference calls, podcasting, video and the usual best face to face events. Select your best quality prospecting activity, if you are better on the phone than in person then the option should be conferencing. If you are a good face to face person, provide events that you can engage your audience face to face. I prefer the latter. The true cost can be found in the creation of your content. The ROI all depends on your strategies and follow ups.

Once you get leads then you should consider how this lead generation strategy will play out and you will nurture them. Good luck

Hannibal Chinchilla
Barca Financial Group
"Creating Financial Synergy"

B2B marketing using Social Media

We heard lots of chatter on what social media is, it depends who you ask. For starters, we know that it has a powerful reach and it is the fastest growing marketing tool for B2B and B2C platforms. Shrinking budgets, the economy are shifting former media to this newer media and are now valued by marketing teams. I have been experimenting on a couple of the most popular social media sites: LinkedIn and Facebook and have used Twitter. The best social media for professionals is LinkedIn by far and for B2B. Here you can reach decision makers and get to the point and start dialogue for a business contact which may turn to a sale. LinkedIn is overwhelmingly used at 81% of B2B marketers and Facebook coming at a close second. ROI is quite different from these two. A colleague and I experimented on Facebook to see what results you get. For a social event or a meeting or party Facebook proved to provide better ROI. Now the ROI is a question of who you ask. With budget restraints the web provides the fastest and less expensive ROI, which in this case is almost free. As an economist I was taught that there is no free lunch on anything. I guess the investment here is time and market segments, who you are trying to market to. Facebook is better at B2C and LinkedIn is better at B2B. I have gotten great contacts on the latter reaching as far as China and India for my Export/Import business. Going back to the brief experiment, my colleague and I made changes on our Facebook profile to see what effect. I opted on the marital status and he opted on the job status; he received several emails expressing concern and help for his lost of job and provided a quick synopsis of who is reading. My experiment provided me with a funny insight as my sister and family quickly contacted me to see what was going on with my "is complicated" status. I deemed it a mistake but it provided me with the knowledge that whatever you write or post on these sites, whether you get an email response or not, people are reading it. Someone told me that before you post something on the web is open to all eyes. I enjoyed the experiment and it proved that the marketability of this new social media is powerful and is here to stay. So I recommend to do some research, try new marketing for your business or personal development and see what happens.
Happy chatting

Hanniba Chinchilla
Principal at Barca Financial Group.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Business Planning during a recession

Business owners are faced with unusual circumstances and decision making during a recession. Survival, growth and opportunities come with a price. We have witnessed the fall of the auto industry once viewed as ever lasting, we have witnessed the fall of great Wall Street brokerages. Five years ago these events could not be conceived. But they happened. So, what do business owners ought to do during these times? One safe approach is to rethink budgets, liabilities and new market opportunities. Your gate keepers should be open to opportunities instead of shutting the door as if business was usual. As an owner, one must contemplate these opportunities. Think of new market segments in a vertical strategy; revisit your optimal prospect; many companies are receiving stimulus funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. These companies, and possible customers will weather this recession. Markets will come back, production will increase. The main question is when? business owners should be placing themselves as the survivors and position themselves as solution providers. Dust off that business plan when you first started and rethink strategies. The old way of doing business is out. Think outside the box and review your customers core needs, research new market segments, use vertical approach strategies.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Failure of The Investment Banks, Brokerage Houses

There is a shift on the balance of power, as in context. the real question is how tarnished is the trust on major financial institutions? we read it everyday, bail out money, toxic securities and the end is not in sight. The shift is going towards the independent platforms and independent model which is in ascendancy right now. What does this means to you? Well, as an economist I learn to always say, "it depends". It depends on your long term resolve. As a society we are accustomed to fast returns, high returns for what we do. Remember the housing market, some bought at the height of the bubble and are now paying for it. Why, because everyone else was doing it; and try to get into it and follow the masses, too late, it is like chasing the stock market, buying and selling at the right times, not even the so call experts can steadily do it. My vision is contrary to follow the masses as we would feel safer with vast numbers doing the same thing, my vision and our meme are steady rate of returns for the long haul. Our meme is the elephant which epitomizes a steady solid culture that will get you there safe and sound, thus our Logo. As an independent, which was my choice from the beginning of this career, I am so glad otherwise I would of being with Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, it allows me to help my clients to get their best return and look for their interests and life goals. Thank you for choosing us, as we travel a roller coaster in the financial markets. I am happy to say that all my clients are feeling safe, happy and glad they have trusted us with their long term goals, we will be here in this bear market and await the bull market. One thing is for certain, we proactively seek solutions and follow patterns that work, for those who listened and believed in us before the market crash can attest to that. Let us look forward to this vision and prepare for the unexpected. Let us not follow the masses as they follow and could end up facing a cliff at the end. I rather be on the highest point of self-actualization as per Abe Maslow teachings.

Hannibal Chinchilla
Barca Financial Group
Sunday is always my favorite after Fridays

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Using makes it easier to stay in touch

Using makes all your sites easier to manage, try it.
Additionally, try instead of google you will like it and it is refreshing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A New Way of Retirement Thinking Part 1

Well, it is not too new it just makes more sense finally. Everyone has seen the turmoil in the financial markets; America has not been able to save to live within its means, and remains spending taxpayer’s dollars at random to bail out ailing corporations. As an economist I believe in there is no free lunch. Someone has to pay for something. The TARF and stimulus money will have to come due someday. It is like mortgaging a house; it has to be paid off. The taxpayers will have to do that, at what cost? Social Security will be in trouble if it is not readjusted. The Fed secretary recommended a constriction on spending. The sad part is that we have to take it as bad medicine, and it usually tastes very bad. Will it cure us? Probably not. It is all assumptions; even the Monte Carlo model of calculating probabilities which are very accurate had failed. Yes that means the modeling for your retirement models have failed and will fail. This will be witnessed for years to come. A solution would be to do your own retirement. The problem is that many do of the public do not know how; here is where we come in. We had helped many successful clients who did not feel the market drop last year; they are sleeping well and happy to have maintained assets and use leverage for their retirement income. We plan for retirement which ultimately is translated into income streams for retirees. Lately we hear that, you have to stay at work for 3-7 years longer; not a nice thing to say to a client. Stay the course; this one always makes me tense up, because the market cycles have change. It may not be enough time to regain what it has been lost, especially at the later years before retirement. Still we have solutions to re-engineered portfolios, for those willing to listen. The good news is that if you have at least 10 years before a proposed retirement date, we can help. Imagine a strategy that you do not have to pay taxes when you draw your money, imagine a strategy that gives you triple interest rate of return. Some may be thinking now, what is that? Well simply, interest gain on the market, interest on the interest and the interest you do not have to pay on taxes. Wow that is sweet. Knowledge is power as long as you know how to use it. We can help. For more information on solutions contact us at 429-5193 or email me at It is for real.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What can Non-profits do to survive and thrive in this economic drought

We can agree that these are some tough times, resources and capital is tight, as economic stimulus trickle back into the economy, the non-profits will feel the pinch. nonprofits will need to assess their position and performance and plan accordingly. I would recommend this seven step- strategic reevaluation to optimize opportunities during these tough times:
1. Analyze market trends and what the markets need.
2. Organizational footprint, starting with the board of directors to tap into strategic processes, knowledge and resources to address opportunities in the markets.
3. Develop an strategic plan; what is the main sources, what is the organization's best activities.
4. Not just develop the strategic plan but also implemented and stick to it.
5. Analyze opportunities, connect with them and be proactive in delivering the mission statement and message to the masses.
6. Evaluate each opportunity with pros and cons, develop an after action report to analyze new opportunities and miss opportunities.
7. Improve and keep improving, be relentless. Action creates reaction

For more information contact me

Hannibal Chinchilla
Barca Financial Group

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lowering Fixed Costs

Barca Financial has been lowering commercial liability for business owners. The market is very competitive lately. In one instance, we were able to save up to 66% on a liability policy. That is 1/3 of what they were paying, increasing their coverage and making more affordable during these tough times. Contact us to learn more or visit our website for a no obligation quote:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Financial Times

We have been witness of a volatile market crises, which started with the housing market, credit market and lately the banking crises. It is a three punch impact that started in 2007. I have seen many friends in corporate lose their jobs lately; friends taking jobs they are over-qualified for for less money to make ends meet. These are tough times, we can feel them in some way or another. Inflation is on the rise; a concerning fact is the government spending on companies that over-extend themselves; the aid received by some have created an intangible sense of security for some making buy other companies that have too much debt and toxic assets. Even banks are not excluded from these behaviours. Lately a Bank for banks has been liquidated. Many smaller banks will follow. This is a sign of times that will last quite a while. Our culture of over spending on credit and extending our means will suffer and have to be dealt with. I could see this happening upon coming to a robust, bull market. I am blessed to be a conservative investor. I believe in being one's own bank and diversified not only in the stock market but in tangible holdings. Always sell high and buy low. In a bear market, cash is king for those who have it. Even though the sense of fear instill by the public media has a greater impact and affect the consumer confidence; this freezes commerce, entrepreneurship and financial well being. Many over spenders will have to work longer. Generations X'ers and Y'ers will have to realign goals as many government programs will not be there for them. As a nation our financial strength will decrease in a way of a weaker dollar. Our only positive productive industry: Exports will suffer in a global market. New player will emerge and dictate how we do business in the future. Free trade and global competition will be fierce. Our efforts for job creating will be challenged by our socialism changes. Capitalism have endured and always have come on top. This time around we will be restricted on production, earnings as we will pay higher taxes. My only recommendation at the present time is to budget, restrict expenses and hold on for a wild ride. It will be a few years until we would feel relieve. Do your homework and prioritize what it is really important, not only for now but for the future of our children. So far it looks very bleak.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am being trying to come up with a good blog for the past two weeks, being halted by business activities and new developments with Barca Financial Group, I am happy to say that all has been very positive and we are looking forward to relocating to a new permanent location. The purchase of this new location will provide our customers and Tucson a solid financial hub to address many services. We will be including credit card processing, book keeping, tax preparation, legal services, immigration services, secretarial services. This expansion will allow us to help our community for years to come. You plan and dreams come true. But like I said before you must have a plan. We have created a hub for "Financial Synergy"

Below is a topic and information about our local economy and what really means to shop with locally owned businesses and not franchises. It does affect us all.

Please read.

Why Shop Locally
The Power of Choice
Every time you make a purchase, you're exercising power of choice.
The choice is yours. You have the power to strengthen and enrich your community.
Did You Know…
For every two jobs national retailers bring to a community, three jobs are lost as a result of local businesses closing down.
When you shop locally owned businesses, your money is re-circulated over and over and creates up to 75% more tax revenue to our community and state.
Independent businesses raise the standard of living in your community because they take their profits and buy products and services from other local businesses, thus creating more and more tax revenues needed for the community to thrive.
Millions of dollars of tax revenue subsidies handed to chains by financially-starved local governments drain even more tax revenue from our community and state.
Blighted empty shopping areas are created in your community when chain stores re-locate to a more lucrative shopping center, or leave altogether. Literally hundreds of big stores are abandoned each year across the United States.
Independent businesses are unique enterprises that contribute to the character of our community by offering a more diverse selections of goods and services.
Independent businesses provide meaningful service with a personal touch. It matters to them that you are satisfied and will come back again.
Carefully planned predatory pricing practices have allowed national chains to establish virtual monopolies as they drive local competition out of business. And then they raise their prices.
You can make a difference with a few simple steps
Make a decision to find and patronize a locally owned business, wherever possible.
Dine at a local, independent restaurant and treat yourself to a unique and personal dining experience.
When you shop online with out-of-state companies, it doesn't contribute a dime to the local economy. So check for members who offer the same products, and some even deliver.
Look for the Arizona Chain Reaction / Local First Arizona logo when you shop and tell other independent businesses about Local First Arizona.
Use our business directory to locate businesses offering specific goods or services, or you can view a complete list of Local First Arizona member businesses and the categories in which they are listed.
Tell your associates, family, and friends what is happening and why. We all create our communities. Let's create strong and vibrant communities as a legacy for those who follow.
Support Local First Arizona by donating, or join us as a member business or friend.

Let us bring Tucson what it can be.


Monday, February 23, 2009

The Greening of America part 2

On my last blog, I briefly commented on the greening of America. This is a very special time for our future, since we finally, as citizens have felt the cost of dependency of scarce resources such as fossil fuels. When gas prices reached $4 + dollars per gallon, people started to conserve, indeed we did collectively. Why, because it hurt the bottom line, our earnings. This created a surplus on supplies that resulted in prices decreasing for a period of time. As a economist, we always refer to supply and demand, when demand decreased and oil production remain constant; it provided a surplus and thus lower commodity prices. Since then the OPEC group have decreased production thus lowering supplies to level fuel prices. It takes time to balance the supply and demand as the mechanisms take take to adjust to either side. One fact is that the more we conserve the better will be eventually. As green innovations and green government driven programs it will come with a price. Mostly, with any innovation requires time and money to make it profitable for companies creating new green products. (hint, invest in green research) Remember, Cells phones, computers, and televisions, these have gone through this process. We can get free cell phones, laptops for $300 or less and so on. The solar and wind industries will go through this phase; there is no free lunch in this life. So we all have to pay for it sooner or later. My take on the greening of America is to welcome innovation and support change. Going back to the Cuba peak oil crisis in the mid 1990's. This greening will be worthy news in the papers as the current financial market is nowadays. Future oil prices will be astronomical (scarce commodity) and commodities will be valued at imaginable prices. A good example of a scarce resource is gold; breaking the $1000 a troy ounce barrier (again). Oil prices for barrel will be approximately the same. Learning from the community spirit of the Cuban people during the 1990's as a micro example to what will happen to us; we can prepare smartly.
Suggestions: Buy land that you can use to grow crops, for personal and for profit. Utilize wind or solar power eventually, while converting existing energy use. Learn to farm with organic soils and products suitable to your area. We should go back to the traditional farming techniques. the soil will provide its own nutrients and greener harvests. This microeconomics philosophy is to help one's community. If you have children; propose degrees in agriculture economics. These will be the best paying jobs in America and the rest of the world. Currently there are only about 2 million farmers in the U.S. Remembering the philosopher Abraham Maslow and his Hierarchy of needs pyramid; the core elements are shelter, food, security, clothing at the bottom of the pyramid. Food will be paramound, who will be able to grow and produce food for commerce or consumption?. (locally) It may not come in 10, 20 or even 30 years, but it will come nonetheless.
Happy harvesting
Hannibal Chinchilla

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Greening of America

The new administration on passing some legislature on green initiatives. They are a bit late; but it will be said that they try to reverse the course of our existance. It will take more than 8 years and perhaps decades to reverse or change the damages done by all of us. The greenning of America can somewhat reverse the decades of damage we have cause on the environment and the land. The biggest question we should all think about is what are we doing to help our future generations. What are we leaving behind: Scarcity, depleted or non-existent natural resources, polluted rivers, waterways, air pollution, trash and pestilence. One scary thought is that we all know that we are going to run out of oil; the predictions of when the OIL PEAK will happen varies; 15, 20, 40 or 50 years; nobody knows for certain. One certain thing is that it will happen. Maybe not to us but to our future generations. Sadly, this has happened once in our life time, many do not even know it happened; It happened to the island of Cuba when the Soviets (Russia) ended all supplies and financial help. Fuel, cooking oil, food, insecticides were not delivered to the island. This happened in the early 1980's. The average Cuban lost 18 lbs of weight in the first year. Food supplies were not available because there was no gasoline to run transportation trucks from the farmlands and agricultural areas. Imagine when this starts happenning in the US. Think of all the trucks that go 24 hrs a day taking, bringing food supplies to all the cities in the United States from their distribution centers. When, we run out of gasoline, how are we going to get our food? Great question. Well, the Cuban people aswered this question for us already. Stay tuned for next week's blog to find out. In the meantime think of ways to resolve this future change.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Many people always wonder about the current situation; not knowing what to do and perhaps pointing the finger at others for decisions previously made. Buying that house, getting twelve credit cards, not saving for the emergency fund just in case you get lay off; procrastinating and again pointing the finger and blaming everyone else. I recommend taking ownership and responsibility. One that I do not understand is taking care of the families. I have been introduced to a more somber part of life, death. I experienced what families go through when someone dear dies suddenly and the sad part is that they have to ask for a collection to pay for the funeral and final expenses. This is very sad. On the other hand, I have experienced families that possesses an emergency fund, life insurance for the family and when someone dies they can cope with the loss more respectably and keep the family afloat. Only 30% of the population possesses some form of life insurance. Most have only a skimpy group insurance for $10,000 death benefit. That only covers final expenses, how about if you have young children and a spouse? what are they ought to do? For one start with a financial plan. this will help you analyse, how much you will need, but essentially what happens if you do not get up the next morning, how this protection will be used to fund your family's future and well being. No one likes to think about death. It is inevitable and it will happen. I have learned of a product that provides a triple solution to family planning. 1. it provides protection for all the members. 2. it provides a cash accumulation just in case an emergency happens (emergency fund) and 3. it can be used to fund a retirement account that provides tax-free benefits, now I like that. It covers three essential needs and it protects your love ones. It is sad that many learn this to late and when they become uninsurable. Goals without a plan are just plain dreams and wishful thinking.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting through the bad news

This blog is more about personal inventory. Previously, I talked about the power of positive thinking. During current times one ought to take a personal inventory of what is important personally and financially to stay positive. One step to deal with negativism is to steer clear of it. Spend one day listening to others, on the radio, TV, friends, colleagues etc. How many times do you feel drained after a listening session from these sources?. One ought to be able to block negativism and dwell on intangible issues. Everyone needs a paradigm shift; positioning yourself to be able to capture these opportunities are very important nowadays. I have been able to turn off negativism by doing more reading, researching and spending time with positive thinkers and alike individuals that perform and excel under any circumstance. Where do you find these individuals? well, if you listen and pay attention you will find them. I am engrossed in a book about peakers, people who peak at their own individual endeavors no matter what; they do not throw in the towel easily, in contrary, they analysed and focus on intangibles that of course are more rewarding and long lasting. We live in a short-term return on investment type of society. We like prompt rewards and easy ways to get what we want, when these expectations do not perform people jump ship and try other ways to get quick satisfaction. I am being vague about this rationale because you can suit it for your own reading and situation. Getting through the bad news is about changing and transforming one's expectations to focus on what is important; not what everyone else is doing about it. Be a leader not a follower; Take a personal inventory on the physiological needs, then your safety and protection (emergency funds), get involved in community services to build your self esteem and lastly work on your self actualization needs, what really makes you happy?


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's make it happen!!

This is the year, the year we turn things around. Eagerness is always a powerful stimulant, New Year resolutions are in full swing, markets are settling down, the country braces for positive change. Although many folks fall short of expectations year after year. Why is that? Positive thinking is always good, but how good is good? I believe in the Law of Attraction and philosophies that promote this behavior. All is good as long as you "Make it happen". You may ask how do I make it happen? Simply by, putting in down on paper, having a detailed plan on resolutions and then creating an action plan. Action does not create itself. One must take control and make things manifest by following the steps, apply dedication, discipline, engage in positive activities, time and effort to the cause. These philosophies work as long as there is action taken. I also believe in visualization which is believing on the manifestation of a goal. One must imagine it first, if you have not experienced the goal, cause or resolution. For example, being debt free, having a robust emergency fund, and receiving quantities of pay for our efforts. Basically, if you have always being in debt, you must imagine not having any. Then when you are creating this action (imagination) with the help of your subconscious mind, you will start believing that you do not have any debt. This is tricky since many still have debt and I do not mean forgetting to pay your bills; I mean to engage in a positive action plan or financial plan to aid you. By putting a plan together to lower debt and becoming debt free and systematically work on it, you can manifest this goal. Always staying with the plan. Then you repeatedly visualize it, once you have a clear picture of your goal(s). Visualize it thousands of times everyday, every hour, every minute. Knowing and believing is your goal, this is very powerful tool and things will start happening around you. Just the process of believing is challenging, since we live in a very negative world, we have grown up with this behavior since we were born; Are you parents positive? even if they aren't, we must change the effect of these actions. Take ownership and dedicate ourselves to our new year resolutions for good. Remember that, we are bombarded by negative thoughts all day long, our friends, co-workers, and our society as a whole is very negative. Take a look at the news, over 90% of them are bad news, that is what makes them news. Good news do not get air time or view as newsworthy. If you really what to make it happen, you must first need to change your behavior towards the way you think, act and see things around you. I always recommend minimizing TV watching, if you put a cost/benefit analysis to this behavior, you will see that we pay a lot for this action. Many hours of our lives basically wasted in nothing but entertainment. We do need entertainment with discretion. I am a recovered TV viewer, four years ago I took action and got rid of my TV viewing completely. I used to watch countless hours and glued to the TV set, I watched sports, specially on the weekends, I was a wiz for statistics, rankings on various sports. I watch these athletes make millions of dollars by performing on their sports. If I was a sports commentator and got paid for this viewing, then the benefit would of being amazing. But in reality it paid me $0 dollars after all those years. Afterwards, I became more productive and manifested more positive things in my life and never looked back; plus it saves the cost for cable television. A good exercise is adding all the hours per week you spend watching TV. Put a dollar value to each hour, let say you hourly pay rate. How much would that add to? The average viewer spends a minimum of 3 hours per day; that's 21 hours in a week is you disregard the weekends as leisure days. If you make $10 an hour, the cost would be $ $210 per week, $840 per month and $10,920 per year. This is substantial money if you would get pay for it. By altering your behavior to spend more on a beneficial activity, like reading a book, attending educational workshops, taking classes, getting in shape (lower health expenses on the long term). As you can see, small steps add up to really make things happen. Like I said before being positive is good, Are you really positive? Do you really believe you are positive? if the answers are "yes", then you are ready to take a productive action to make things happen for the better. These actions will pay off as long as you are really positive, not just words and saying it you are positive; but really envisioning positive things. So this year is the year to start thinking "really positive thoughts" and you will realized your new year resolutions, otherwise you will be making the same resolutions year after year. Winners dwell on their desires and not their limitations. So "Make it happen".

Hannibal Chinchilla
Barca Financial Group