Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Greening of America

The new administration on passing some legislature on green initiatives. They are a bit late; but it will be said that they try to reverse the course of our existance. It will take more than 8 years and perhaps decades to reverse or change the damages done by all of us. The greenning of America can somewhat reverse the decades of damage we have cause on the environment and the land. The biggest question we should all think about is what are we doing to help our future generations. What are we leaving behind: Scarcity, depleted or non-existent natural resources, polluted rivers, waterways, air pollution, trash and pestilence. One scary thought is that we all know that we are going to run out of oil; the predictions of when the OIL PEAK will happen varies; 15, 20, 40 or 50 years; nobody knows for certain. One certain thing is that it will happen. Maybe not to us but to our future generations. Sadly, this has happened once in our life time, many do not even know it happened; It happened to the island of Cuba when the Soviets (Russia) ended all supplies and financial help. Fuel, cooking oil, food, insecticides were not delivered to the island. This happened in the early 1980's. The average Cuban lost 18 lbs of weight in the first year. Food supplies were not available because there was no gasoline to run transportation trucks from the farmlands and agricultural areas. Imagine when this starts happenning in the US. Think of all the trucks that go 24 hrs a day taking, bringing food supplies to all the cities in the United States from their distribution centers. When, we run out of gasoline, how are we going to get our food? Great question. Well, the Cuban people aswered this question for us already. Stay tuned for next week's blog to find out. In the meantime think of ways to resolve this future change.

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