Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting through the bad news

This blog is more about personal inventory. Previously, I talked about the power of positive thinking. During current times one ought to take a personal inventory of what is important personally and financially to stay positive. One step to deal with negativism is to steer clear of it. Spend one day listening to others, on the radio, TV, friends, colleagues etc. How many times do you feel drained after a listening session from these sources?. One ought to be able to block negativism and dwell on intangible issues. Everyone needs a paradigm shift; positioning yourself to be able to capture these opportunities are very important nowadays. I have been able to turn off negativism by doing more reading, researching and spending time with positive thinkers and alike individuals that perform and excel under any circumstance. Where do you find these individuals? well, if you listen and pay attention you will find them. I am engrossed in a book about peakers, people who peak at their own individual endeavors no matter what; they do not throw in the towel easily, in contrary, they analysed and focus on intangibles that of course are more rewarding and long lasting. We live in a short-term return on investment type of society. We like prompt rewards and easy ways to get what we want, when these expectations do not perform people jump ship and try other ways to get quick satisfaction. I am being vague about this rationale because you can suit it for your own reading and situation. Getting through the bad news is about changing and transforming one's expectations to focus on what is important; not what everyone else is doing about it. Be a leader not a follower; Take a personal inventory on the physiological needs, then your safety and protection (emergency funds), get involved in community services to build your self esteem and lastly work on your self actualization needs, what really makes you happy?


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