Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am being trying to come up with a good blog for the past two weeks, being halted by business activities and new developments with Barca Financial Group, I am happy to say that all has been very positive and we are looking forward to relocating to a new permanent location. The purchase of this new location will provide our customers and Tucson a solid financial hub to address many services. We will be including credit card processing, book keeping, tax preparation, legal services, immigration services, secretarial services. This expansion will allow us to help our community for years to come. You plan and dreams come true. But like I said before you must have a plan. We have created a hub for "Financial Synergy"

Below is a topic and information about our local economy and what really means to shop with locally owned businesses and not franchises. It does affect us all.

Please read.

Why Shop Locally
The Power of Choice
Every time you make a purchase, you're exercising power of choice.
The choice is yours. You have the power to strengthen and enrich your community.
Did You Know…
For every two jobs national retailers bring to a community, three jobs are lost as a result of local businesses closing down.
When you shop locally owned businesses, your money is re-circulated over and over and creates up to 75% more tax revenue to our community and state.
Independent businesses raise the standard of living in your community because they take their profits and buy products and services from other local businesses, thus creating more and more tax revenues needed for the community to thrive.
Millions of dollars of tax revenue subsidies handed to chains by financially-starved local governments drain even more tax revenue from our community and state.
Blighted empty shopping areas are created in your community when chain stores re-locate to a more lucrative shopping center, or leave altogether. Literally hundreds of big stores are abandoned each year across the United States.
Independent businesses are unique enterprises that contribute to the character of our community by offering a more diverse selections of goods and services.
Independent businesses provide meaningful service with a personal touch. It matters to them that you are satisfied and will come back again.
Carefully planned predatory pricing practices have allowed national chains to establish virtual monopolies as they drive local competition out of business. And then they raise their prices.
You can make a difference with a few simple steps
Make a decision to find and patronize a locally owned business, wherever possible.
Dine at a local, independent restaurant and treat yourself to a unique and personal dining experience.
When you shop online with out-of-state companies, it doesn't contribute a dime to the local economy. So check for members who offer the same products, and some even deliver.
Look for the Arizona Chain Reaction / Local First Arizona logo when you shop and tell other independent businesses about Local First Arizona.
Use our business directory to locate businesses offering specific goods or services, or you can view a complete list of Local First Arizona member businesses and the categories in which they are listed.
Tell your associates, family, and friends what is happening and why. We all create our communities. Let's create strong and vibrant communities as a legacy for those who follow.
Support Local First Arizona by donating, or join us as a member business or friend.

Let us bring Tucson what it can be.