Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's make it happen!!

This is the year, the year we turn things around. Eagerness is always a powerful stimulant, New Year resolutions are in full swing, markets are settling down, the country braces for positive change. Although many folks fall short of expectations year after year. Why is that? Positive thinking is always good, but how good is good? I believe in the Law of Attraction and philosophies that promote this behavior. All is good as long as you "Make it happen". You may ask how do I make it happen? Simply by, putting in down on paper, having a detailed plan on resolutions and then creating an action plan. Action does not create itself. One must take control and make things manifest by following the steps, apply dedication, discipline, engage in positive activities, time and effort to the cause. These philosophies work as long as there is action taken. I also believe in visualization which is believing on the manifestation of a goal. One must imagine it first, if you have not experienced the goal, cause or resolution. For example, being debt free, having a robust emergency fund, and receiving quantities of pay for our efforts. Basically, if you have always being in debt, you must imagine not having any. Then when you are creating this action (imagination) with the help of your subconscious mind, you will start believing that you do not have any debt. This is tricky since many still have debt and I do not mean forgetting to pay your bills; I mean to engage in a positive action plan or financial plan to aid you. By putting a plan together to lower debt and becoming debt free and systematically work on it, you can manifest this goal. Always staying with the plan. Then you repeatedly visualize it, once you have a clear picture of your goal(s). Visualize it thousands of times everyday, every hour, every minute. Knowing and believing is your goal, this is very powerful tool and things will start happening around you. Just the process of believing is challenging, since we live in a very negative world, we have grown up with this behavior since we were born; Are you parents positive? even if they aren't, we must change the effect of these actions. Take ownership and dedicate ourselves to our new year resolutions for good. Remember that, we are bombarded by negative thoughts all day long, our friends, co-workers, and our society as a whole is very negative. Take a look at the news, over 90% of them are bad news, that is what makes them news. Good news do not get air time or view as newsworthy. If you really what to make it happen, you must first need to change your behavior towards the way you think, act and see things around you. I always recommend minimizing TV watching, if you put a cost/benefit analysis to this behavior, you will see that we pay a lot for this action. Many hours of our lives basically wasted in nothing but entertainment. We do need entertainment with discretion. I am a recovered TV viewer, four years ago I took action and got rid of my TV viewing completely. I used to watch countless hours and glued to the TV set, I watched sports, specially on the weekends, I was a wiz for statistics, rankings on various sports. I watch these athletes make millions of dollars by performing on their sports. If I was a sports commentator and got paid for this viewing, then the benefit would of being amazing. But in reality it paid me $0 dollars after all those years. Afterwards, I became more productive and manifested more positive things in my life and never looked back; plus it saves the cost for cable television. A good exercise is adding all the hours per week you spend watching TV. Put a dollar value to each hour, let say you hourly pay rate. How much would that add to? The average viewer spends a minimum of 3 hours per day; that's 21 hours in a week is you disregard the weekends as leisure days. If you make $10 an hour, the cost would be $ $210 per week, $840 per month and $10,920 per year. This is substantial money if you would get pay for it. By altering your behavior to spend more on a beneficial activity, like reading a book, attending educational workshops, taking classes, getting in shape (lower health expenses on the long term). As you can see, small steps add up to really make things happen. Like I said before being positive is good, Are you really positive? Do you really believe you are positive? if the answers are "yes", then you are ready to take a productive action to make things happen for the better. These actions will pay off as long as you are really positive, not just words and saying it you are positive; but really envisioning positive things. So this year is the year to start thinking "really positive thoughts" and you will realized your new year resolutions, otherwise you will be making the same resolutions year after year. Winners dwell on their desires and not their limitations. So "Make it happen".

Hannibal Chinchilla
Barca Financial Group