Sunday, May 24, 2009

What can Non-profits do to survive and thrive in this economic drought

We can agree that these are some tough times, resources and capital is tight, as economic stimulus trickle back into the economy, the non-profits will feel the pinch. nonprofits will need to assess their position and performance and plan accordingly. I would recommend this seven step- strategic reevaluation to optimize opportunities during these tough times:
1. Analyze market trends and what the markets need.
2. Organizational footprint, starting with the board of directors to tap into strategic processes, knowledge and resources to address opportunities in the markets.
3. Develop an strategic plan; what is the main sources, what is the organization's best activities.
4. Not just develop the strategic plan but also implemented and stick to it.
5. Analyze opportunities, connect with them and be proactive in delivering the mission statement and message to the masses.
6. Evaluate each opportunity with pros and cons, develop an after action report to analyze new opportunities and miss opportunities.
7. Improve and keep improving, be relentless. Action creates reaction

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