Sunday, June 14, 2009

Failure of The Investment Banks, Brokerage Houses

There is a shift on the balance of power, as in context. the real question is how tarnished is the trust on major financial institutions? we read it everyday, bail out money, toxic securities and the end is not in sight. The shift is going towards the independent platforms and independent model which is in ascendancy right now. What does this means to you? Well, as an economist I learn to always say, "it depends". It depends on your long term resolve. As a society we are accustomed to fast returns, high returns for what we do. Remember the housing market, some bought at the height of the bubble and are now paying for it. Why, because everyone else was doing it; and try to get into it and follow the masses, too late, it is like chasing the stock market, buying and selling at the right times, not even the so call experts can steadily do it. My vision is contrary to follow the masses as we would feel safer with vast numbers doing the same thing, my vision and our meme are steady rate of returns for the long haul. Our meme is the elephant which epitomizes a steady solid culture that will get you there safe and sound, thus our Logo. As an independent, which was my choice from the beginning of this career, I am so glad otherwise I would of being with Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, it allows me to help my clients to get their best return and look for their interests and life goals. Thank you for choosing us, as we travel a roller coaster in the financial markets. I am happy to say that all my clients are feeling safe, happy and glad they have trusted us with their long term goals, we will be here in this bear market and await the bull market. One thing is for certain, we proactively seek solutions and follow patterns that work, for those who listened and believed in us before the market crash can attest to that. Let us look forward to this vision and prepare for the unexpected. Let us not follow the masses as they follow and could end up facing a cliff at the end. I rather be on the highest point of self-actualization as per Abe Maslow teachings.

Hannibal Chinchilla
Barca Financial Group

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My dear friend I do respect your comment and advice but what is the advice for those who went ahead and meme and now are about or had ( caido de lo alto).