Thursday, August 28, 2008

Financial Synergy

Hello everyone,

The past few weeks have been interesting, I decided to go on my own and I am happy to say it is the best move I have ever done. The freedom to be able to provide the best financial planning advice to my clients will be much enjoyful to everyone. I am using financial synergy with other professionals to ensure all aspects of our planning process with the best trusted advisors in town. We will provide much more for your planning dollar. I look forward to this new approach and I know our clients will enjoy this setting. I am finalizing the last part of my millennium retirement piece and I hope you enjoy it. Please post comments and provide suggestions, I have read all of the suggestions provided during our previous Financial Workshops for women series and I will be starting another series of workshops on September 16th. You input is very valuable to me and I hope you will enjoy the new series. Knowledge is power as long as you implement it.
Let's make it happen


Hannibal Chinchilla