Monday, December 22, 2008

Financial planning "Why it is so important"

Before we leave 2008 behind, there are lessons to learn from. One would be the volatility of the economy and how we view safe investments. One must prepare to emergencies and like this year proved, to surprises. A financial plan is the keystone to prepare and adjust to these eventualities. The economy will not bounce back overnight and it will more lenient for those who plan. Procrastinators and conformists will learn more lessons next year. I have been preaching to the choir on the planning process; for those who have listen I am happy to say are more prepare and have a piece of mind facing next year's woes. I started two years ago looking at the imbalances in the economy. Of course I did not saw the severity of it, but could see the housing market, the credit crunch coming. I do not have a Crystal ball but learn from various sound bites and hear lots of precautions for next year from the experts. I recently read Dr. Swanson's remarks when interviewed by the Tucson Weekly. Dr. Swanson was my teacher at U of A. I always listened to his advice. I feel the need to communicate the coming storm. As I drive through town, I see many citizens still doing what we do every December; they worry about the holidays and go like nothing has happened. I hope everyone is saving for the emergencies and a long recession to come. Companies will continue to lay off workers and gas will go back to record levels as the supply has been cut by the main producers. In a macro level and not so distant future; we will hit the Oil Peak. This peak is when we have produce maximum levels from our natural resources and we will have decreasing oil reserve levels. The way we eat, shop, live will be change forever. One good example was when the Soviet Union ceased aid to Cuba. Cuba experienced a micro oil peak. The main topic remains to individual planning to look ahead at these future issues. The grim outlook will be for our millennials, our children; who without defined benefit plans, trouble 401k's, reduced social security (if any). The only thing for them to do is to start saving for themselves. As parents we should learn from out shortfalls and prevent our future generations to prepare. Time is a commodity we do not have. So for next year a financial plan, education, and an emergency fund should be on the top list on everyone new year resolution.

Hannibal Chinchilla

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