Sunday, June 1, 2008

My first blog

Hello everyone, I hope the break during the Memorial Day weekend was happy and rewarding, we celebrated one year of Bitsy's (pet Chihuahua) ordeal. She got lost for four days and three nights in the desert on the east side of town, frequent by coyotes and birds of pray. She is a miracle since she only suffered dehydration and a few cuts and bruises, she is a trooper and we are so glad to have her back. We never gave up, but it was stressful watching the coyotes roam the area we were searching. It is amazing how the neighborhood reacted and providedhelp, support and search parties. We posted a reward sign on almosts every posible spot, on Monday Memorial Day 07 we got a call from a lady who was given our number by a wonderful person who has become my client, his name is Gary and we always remember the event as he definitely Bitsy's savior, we also thank our pet communicater (Mary) who participated in the search and continue to gives us strength and hope during the ordeal. She pointed the direction and the whereabout we needed to look for Bitsy. We enjoy our pets as members of the family. This weekend Sassy our Persian Cat got her summer lion's cut.

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